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Las Vegas Mobile Mechanics
Truck, RV / Motorhome, Auto Repairs

Jeff’s Auto and Truck Repair offers high quality, efficient, diagnostic and repair solutions to your auto troubles in the Clark County region. The best mobile auto repair services in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada are simply a mobile phone call away.

All services offered by Jeff’s Auto have backing with ASE and MACS certification, which guarantees that you get an accurate, professional diagnosis. Jeff is proficient at resolving various kinds of auto, trucks, motorhome, heavy equipment, RV / Marine, generator repairs and more to ensure that you are on your way as early as possible. Customer service is the most important pillar that drives the service delivery at Jeff’s Auto and Truck Repair.

Certified technicians from Jeff’s will drive up to wherever you are within the Clark County area. Our approach is to deliver service efficiently. Whether you need repairs for a family car, an RV, a truck or trailer, our technicians will take care of everything. Our technicians are completely reliable and highly courteous and believe in putting clients at ease.

What’s more?
Our auto diagnoses are completely reliable since we employ computerized diagnostic methods. They say that a correct diagnosis is half the solution. Whether you need van repair at the house or your truck broke down on the highway, our technicians will diagnose the problem promptly and accurately.

We are experienced in repairing diesel and gas vehicles. We also resolve problems in automobile air conditioning, braking, and suspension systems. Your automobile or truck might have stalled because of a problem in the hydraulics or electrical systems. Our technicians are trained and competent in diagnosing and repairing damaged relays, switches, drum brakes, A/C compressors, and many other devices that can normally or unexpectedly incur damage.

If you are unable to start your automobile and everything seems to be in order, there might be a problem with the starting system. Simply give us a call and our expert will arrive at your given address and diagnose whether the problem lies in the ignition lock cylinder, the switch, or the starter. All of this takes place in the least possible time so that you can get on with your planned tasks for the day with the least disruption.

Our certified professionals will diagnose your problem as closely as possible over the phone and will arrive at your location with all necessary diagnostic equipment and replacement parts. This means you do not have to wait for additional periods while the technician goes back to get the repair parts.

Save money wisely! Jeff’s Auto and Truck Repair offers exceptional value for money. An experience with Jeff’s technicians is an educational experience as our staff members are experts in their area and love to educate our clients in order to help them understand their car better. Whether you drive a Dodge, a Chevy, a Ford, or even a motor home, you will find the technicians at Jeff’s Auto and Truck Repair adept with every type of car and will offer professional advice that will help you get the best performance out of your auto truck equipment.


 Jump Starts  *  Flats  *  Electrical Issues  *  Welding / Cutting A/C Service Fuel Injection
Vehicle Lockouts Autos  *  Trucks  *  R.V. / Marine Hydraulic Brakes  *  Air Brakes Heavy Equipment