Repairing Your Beloved With A Smile!

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How many times have you heard ‘Sorry mate, can’t fix your vehicle’ A few times? Many times? And how many times have you felt frustrated and almost broken that your beloved vehicle has been deemed unrepairable?! MANY TIMES! And how about we take it a notch up and you hear the same thing when you’re on the road, heading off to a blissful vacation? AHHH, the pain!!! The start to a relaxing vacation ruined by these words!

But what if I told you that you will be relieved of the pain? That you can go to the best auto repair and they’ll fix it in a jiffy for you? Can’t believe it right?! Jeff’s auto repair and truck repair is the best of the best and knows how to deal with the complicated of the complicated problems. We have been in the business for A LONG time and can fix any problem you throw at us.
But how? Three things make us pros. Number one, we have experience which spans many years and automobiles of every kind and every size. Number two, we are backed up by ASE and MACS certification which is proof enough that whatever service we provide you, is up to the mark. And finally, we have a customer base that we are proud to say, relies on us completely. That is why hundreds of motorists in the Las Vegas, Nevada and County Clark area trust us and come to us at the time of need.
We have fixed trucks, RV’s of all kinds, automobiles, bikes, boats, generators and heavy machinery! We even specialize in welding and cutting! We can help you when you need road side assistance and will come to you instead of the other way around. With Jeff’s auto repair and truck repair, you will never feel uncomfortable. We are extremely reliable, trustworthy and we assure you, with us it won’t feel like we’re outsiders, but with us, you’ll feel like family! We understand that you’re already going through a lot, you’re frustrated, irritated and upset at the fact that your beloved vehicle has broken down. We will do everything in our power to help you feel calm and make you feel relaxed while we fix your beloved.

Often at roadside you’re extremely vulnerable; there are a number of thoughts going on in your mind. You’re afraid of no one coming to help you, and you’re afraid of someone ripping you. Thoughts of your beloved being taken away from you also creep up your mind and you’re in extreme agony! AAAAH!
With Jeff’s auto repair and truck repair, you won’t be feeling anything like that because we guarantee you, we would make you and your beloved vehicle feel at home and would happily accompany you all the way to our base and keep you company while your vehicle is being fixed. If there’s no need for a tow, we’ll fix your vehicle on the road happily and cheerfully! We are with you, all the way through.

What are you waiting for? Give us a ring at (702) 772-4515for immediate emergency roadside assistance or schedule maintenance service at your convenience.